The exclusive function is CASHBACK UP TO 10% ON LOSS!

The most active players of the club will be able to return part of the lost amount back to the game account! That is, the more you play, the more money you receive!

The Cashback (Refund) privilege became available for players starting with "Experienced" status in the loyalty system.

Being an active player in the League of Slots is much more profitable! In addition to exchanging points for money at the most favorable rate, players can now receive a refund of part of the lost funds. So, luck turns away from the players for a while, they are not left without a pleasant monetary compensation.

Experienced 3 %
Pro 5 %
Master 7 %
Legend 8 %
Gold VIP 9 %
Platinum VIP 9,5 %
Diamond VIP 10 %

Cashback rules

  • Cashback is available to all players with "Experienced" loyalty status and above.
  • Calculation and accrual of money to a separate Cashback balance occurs automatically once a week - on Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 (UTC).
  • Attention: cashback is credited only for the amount of money lost by the player. Cashback is not credited on the amount of lost cash prizes. "Cash prizes" means any funds received on the player's bonus balance, including the cashback received by the player.
  • If the player is not in loss for the billing period (the player is winning), the cashback is not credited.